Here's what some of our clients have said about us:

Elaine and Mike have been supporting Raise for the past 18 months. They understand what Raise is about and the importance of developing enterprise and raising aspirations of young people. They have given us practical advice such as how to price services, apply for grants and manage cash flow. Elaine also helps us with Board level planning.


The advice, direction, and mentoring Elaine and Mike have given to me on a personal & professional level as director; has provided me with both the confidence and knowledge to take Raise the Youth Foundation to amazing heights. . I would recommend the support and access to Elaine and Mikes' expertise to any social enterprise, business and/or organisation.


Approachable, knowledgeable, people centred, and strong community ethos. Thanks a lot. - Jason Steele - Chief Executive Officer - Raise the Youth Foundation CIC

We received excellent business advice from Elaine Bowes and Mike Abram to develop a financial model and assist with the business plan. Since our support the co-op has been successful in raising our target of £95,000 for the community share issue by May 2014. - Rachel Getliffe - Secretary and Director - Village Greens (Prestwich) Co-op Ltd

Mutual Business Advice helped us to develop financial projections for our community share offers in 2012 and 2014. The first share offer succeeded in raising £140,000 and the second is due to close on 30th Sep 2014. Mike Abram's support has been invaluable - Patrick Morello - Finance Director - Greater Manchester Tree Station - IPS

Petrus Community have been assisted by MBA over the last year and have helped Petrus to develop two business plans (UniValet and the Petrus Community Store). This work has entailed the strategic development of a detailed income strategy for the two new social enterprises and supporting successful negotiation and collaboration with key partners, the University of Manchester and The Works in order to establish UniValet. MBA has also provided business coaching for Petrus’ social enterprise development manager which has been useful in developing business skills. Previously MBA helped oversee major cyclical replacement of furniture and goods at a number of our premises and their assistance helped Petrus to make savings. - Denis Skelton - Co-oprdinator - Petrus Community - Charity

From the first moment I met Elaine, she went above and beyond the call of duty to help get Be-Strong off the ground. Since that first meeting, MBA have helped us with business planning, financial planning, legal structures, building relationships and creating a client and outputs database.


Elaine accompanied me to some important meetings and worked out of hours to support Be-Strong. Elaine came along at just the right time, she saw our cause, understood it and believed in it.


Without her help, we wouldn't be where we are today. - Darren Armstrong - Director - Be Strong Project - Charity

The help and support by Mutual Business Advice has been excellent. Thanks for you your help and support to Mike Abram. It was wonderful to work with Mike. He was most helpful and very patient with us. Thanks mike

- Bhagvati Parma - Project Officer - Bolton Hindu Forum - CIO